3th outdoor exhibition in the public space around Spatie, centre for psychiatry in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands

2003, birchwood, acrylic paint, varnish. 560 x 380 x 40 cm.

Artists were invited and selected in connection with the theme; integration of living and working in a society of diverging networks. In the public space around Spatie new buildings are advancing. Living, working and psychiatry are mixing. My sculpture is raising up from the grass-field in front of the main building of Spatie. Face to Face. My sculpture is a facade with the external of nostalgic children's toy-bricks. The house is no reality but also not unreal. The size is adult, but the image is a reference to childhood. The front becomes the would-be reality of a Hollywood scenery. Fact and fiction, fallacy, idea, reality. The sculpture shows us on one side a two-dimensional image, but in this sculpture front- and backside are equal in value.