ART CENTRE DE GELE RIJDER, Korenmarkt Arnhem, the Netherlands, 1985

ARTIBUS SACRUM, wood, cardboard, acrylic-paint, 1300 x 450 x 100 cm.

Festival called "Artibus Sacrum" (Sanctuary of the Arts) with the artists real born name as starting point. The front of the artcentre was transformed into a classical facade. A style in which churches, palaces, court houses but also musea give evidence of their importance and power. The facade was part of a big manifestation on the Korenmarkt, a square in the centre of Arnhem. On this fake facade were the title and the subtitle: "Opus Artis Gaudium Aeternum" (A Work of Arts is a Joy for Ever). Inside the gallery was a solo exhibition with paintings, drawings, objects and statements of Arno Arts. Artibus Sacrum was a banal, but at the same time sacral manifest about reality and fiction, values and deceptions.