Site-specific international artproject. Jaujac, Ardeche, France

Old wood, acrylic paint, plastic water bottles, textile and trees.
Various sizes.

An overall artwork including four various objects, scattered beside a path of about 984 feet (300 meter). They have a reference to little path chapels, house altars, sacrificial places, anonymous monuments and they look all different in their imagination.
The Phoenix: A little house build around a tree with the image of the phoenix is symbolising the cycles of life and dead.
The Water Chapel: In the very near of this sculpture there is a source with gas water. People from the village Jaujac drink this tingling water because it's fresh and cool. The little chapel is an ironic reference to souvenir water like Loch Ness water or water from holy places like Lourdes.
The Sign: This object is standing in the near of some picnic tables, it's a more or less open place where children play and build sheds. The image on the sign is a camouflage pattern. Sawn letters with the same pattern configure the phrase: "Natura Artis Magistra". On the other side of the sign is the phrase: "You Are Here".
L'Arbre Mobile: The tree seems to be planted in a little wagon with big wheels. It's symbolic for the need of travel or explore, human as a nomad, but at the same time human as a settler and colonist.