Festival d'art contemporain, Saint Flour, France

demolition wood, wood of fruit boxes, digital prints, electric light
240 x 205 x 180 cm.

Around the trunk of a tree I built a house of discarded wood. The trunk raises from the chimney, the top of the tree ascends to the sky like a cloud of smoke. It seems like inside the wooden house a flaming fire blazes. The work refers to the life of the tree itself. The top of the tree is a symbol for the green lung.
The wood of the fruit boxes reminds us of fruit and the tree as a food-supplier. The discarded wood I used, sawn to planks or beams, refers to the tree that has known a second life as furniture, flooring or fence. Eventually the wood will become firewood. The fire as an imagination of warmth, energy and new life. Thus, the circle is round and the Phoenix rises as a new life from its ashes.