2003, BEAM, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Sawed out photographs on plywood life-size, various sizes

In the art centre Beam, I made an exhibition without recognizable art on the wall or floor.
For this installation I asked family, friends and visitors of the art centre, to be my model
for a picture in a self-chosen posture and outfit. These photographs are printed life-size.
Glued on plywood and sawed-out, all photographs are placed as displays in the art centre.
Together, they looked as people on an opening of an art-show without art on the wall.
Adults, children, pets and even a horse, became one big scenery. By that, the installation
was a public work. The flat and two-dimensional figures became estranged from reality.
Visitors of the exhibition where confused. Reality mixed with the reality of a comic-book.

The public walked through a life-size photograph album.
Visitors and display figures became an interactive overall picture.
The opening of the show was hilarious. A lot of people who where in the show
as display showed up in the same outfit as on the photograph.