Artmanifestation from the artist-duo vGtO, Almere, the Netherlands 2001


Full-colour printed paper bags 42 x 32 x 13 cm each, 20 designs, each printed in an edition of 1.000

In 2001 I developed a plan for the artmanifestation OIKIA in the city of Almere.
I designed a non-commercial shoppingbag: “Valuable Moments / Cheap Thrills”.
Also I asked 19 other artists to create an artwork for the paper bag.
In a very short time 20 different shops like a bakery, grocery, liquorstore etc.
distributed the 20.000 shoppingbags without any commercial message.
As a work of art the bags showed up in downtown Almere.
The public became participants in a huge performance, without realising it.


In order of the following photographs,
the bags were designed by:

Arno Arts
F.E. van der Weide
Grootendorst & Van den Berg
Joost Overbeek
Marc Bijl
Marcel van Campen
Coen Pausma
Bernard Verhoeven
Maarten Wetsema
Lily van der Stokker
Hugo Kaagman
Maria Roosen
Anne van den Bosch
Angelica de Maria
Marije Langelaar
HW Werther
Albert Van Der Weide
Gerard Koek en
Witho Worms

Photography shoppingbags in the streets:
Hans Eijkelboom