October, 1998, The Netherlands

Time Fiction
Biennial Gelderland, Museums of Apeldoorn, Nijmegen, Arnhem & Zutphen

Artist duo vGtO organized, with the commercial sales & sightseeing bus tours in mind,
three fully booked art-bus-trips. The excursions visited all four of the museums where the exhibition was held. The daytrip included a matching folder, coffee, paper, lunch, gifts, performances & art commercials.

vGtO invited Arno Arts for a performance on the bus tours.
Dressed in a bear costume and unrecognizable, Arts played anonymously
the role of art-mascot. Completely in style, and referring to fun parks,
the artist entertained the passengers with the possibility, as it should be, to have your photograph taken with the mascot.

Of course, everybody got his or her picture, after the trip, as a souvenir.