2007, Kunstenaar in Bedrijf, Nefit, Deventer,The Netherlands

Wood, acryl, sound equipment, artificial grass, polystyrene,
glass and electric light, size 250 x 200 x 200 cm.

With many thanks for the cooperation of Marien van Riet, employee of Nefit.

Interactive installation commissioned by Nefit, a factory producing gas-heaters. Theme was energy and co-operation. In this work the four elements are starting-point.

Four chairs are visualising water, fire, wind and earth. They are standing around a square table with a fire print. Under the table are complex sound equipment with speakers is mounted.
The employees of Nefit are invited to take place on the chairs.
As a team of four persons they lay their hands on a pair of hand shapes. Buttons under these shapes are connected with the sound equipment. With light pressure a sound is audible.
For each element a different and individual sound. Earth/Didgeridoo, Water/Harp, Air/Violin and Fire/Flamenco guitar. But…if the team is co-operating perfectly by pushing the buttons with exactly the same pressure, the table leaf is lighting up with flashing lamps and a loud sound of fire-works.
By co-operating perfectly the team made forces free for the fifth element