Arnhem, the Netherlands, 2006

glass mosaic, perspex and electric motors
floormosaics: 220 cms. diameter each, perspex objects: 220 x 80 cms. each

In an elementary school the four elements are visualized in and under two big lighttubes. These tubes bring the daylight into the groundfloor of the school.
The elements Earth and Water are represented like giant chandeliers, in the shape of perspex objects. Both objects slowly turn around by a monitor in the ceiling.
The walls of the
tubes are partly build with glass bricks. On the first floor the slowly turning perspex objects can be viewed through these bricks.
On the ground floor, the tubes are projected by circles of mosaic. Two round glass mosaics represent the elements Fire (below the water object) and Air (below the earth object).

Arts created a memorable experience for the children: walking on Fire and Clouds with constantly moving Water and Earth above your head.