Acrylic paint on canvas, 175 X 150 cms., 2001

Painting for the company CrownTek, who's creativity, colouring and flexibility are represented in one image. It was required that the name CrownTek was part of the painting.


Acrylic paint on canvas, 100 X 100 cms., 1999

Commission of the software company Ordina Integrity.
The painting was made during
a live performance at a police trade-fair.
My presence in the essential and sober stand
of Ordina was an attraction for the visitors.

Acrylic on canvas, 4 x (60 X 40 cms.), 1998
Commissioned by Lloyd's Register

Lloyd's Register, founded in 1760, registers ships and their cargo. My commission was to depict their statement: quality, safety & reliability. To do this, I used the logos the company has had during the centuries and depicted them accordingly in a symbolic way.


Acrylic on canvas, 100 X 100 cms., 1998
Commissioned by Maurik Grondverzet

The company has a long history.
Started as craft paviers, nowadays Maurik has
become a company with a large hightec machinery.
On traditional delft blue tiles, I painted modern
images of mechanical equipment.
The shoes, boots and helmet are typical items,
that everyone wears on construction sites, from bricklayer to engineer.