Commission Volkshuisvesting, Arnhem, the Netherlands, 2010

glass panels, photographic prints and led-light
2100 x 260 cms. and 650 x 260 cms.

For a newly constructed appartment building I designed two glass walls. Behind the glass walls are the storage spaces of the residents. The walls are functional; daylight is necessary in the storage spaces. By night the walls are lightened by led-light.
With transparent prints I created giant bookcases.

The long wall consists of 42 glass panels. The short wall consists of 13 panels. Each panel suggests a book in the bookcase. On each book is an illustration or pattern and text tells an imaginary story. Suggestive titles speak to the imagination. Together all the books are showing and telling the history, cultural, social and daily life of this public area. Important stories like "the battle of Arnhem", old history and archaeology, but also small stories told by the residents. By involving the people of Malburgen, it also was a community art project.