Rolling Stonesstraat Lent (Nijmegen), The Netherlands

acrylic paint, spraypaint, poured concrete, hardwoord, lute, photographic prints on HPL, laminate, ceramic tile fragments and coatings
381 x 345 x 15 cms. each, 2006

'Het KunstVeld' (The ArtField) is an unique artproject in public space. For a specific street in a new suburb, the façades of well over 70 newly build houses were made by artists. Not a single façade is the same. Each artwork is framing the window on the groundfloor. Individual façades as well as individuals inhabitants.
The inhabitants could choose their own façade out of a great number of designs made by 24 artists. Eight designs made by Arno Arts were selected by the inhabitants.

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Handmade poured concrete balls, lute and alphatex IQ paint 381 x 345 x 15 cm.

The image is a small detail of a lace-pattern. Instead of holes, the pattern is build up with half balls. So that it looks like a Braille-pattern. The shadows on the front are constantly moving and changing and by so the fašade is always in motion. Painted in green, the fašade looks organic. Even though the material is hard, it looks very soft.

Ceramic tile fragments. 381 x 345 x 15 cm.

The mosaic is made with Dutch-tile fragments. The images on the Delft-blue tiles are typical Dutch souvenir motifs, like windmills, tulips, cows and county-life The fragments are composed random and arbitrary. From a distant the pattern on the fašade is abstract and vague. Coming closer, the details on the fragments become recognizable.

Hardwood, spray painting and coating 381 x 345 x 15 cm.

The front is built up with hardwood panels. The panels are decorated with patterns referring to nostalgic wooden building bricks. The wooden grain and seams of the side views connect with the front panels. By that the blocks appear as if they are spatial.

Medite, coating and alphatex IQ paint. 381 x 345 x 15 cm.

The ornamental pattern is sawed out of Medite, a water-resistant MDF material. The parts are glued on the front-wall, so that an effect is as if the deep parts are cut out the front. This effect is even stronger by painting the fašade in a ton-sur-ton technique. The higher parts are painted in a light tone, the deeper parts a darker nuance. The title has a reference to Oriental ornamental art, but at the same time to domestic European wallpaper patterns.

Medite, coating and alphatex IQ paint. 381 x 345 x 15 cm.

The concept for this fašade is based on designs of paper-doilies and lace-patterns. The window seems to be framed by an ornamental passÚ-partout. Between front and border-area there is a space of a few centimeters. By that Ónd the constant change of daylight a spatial and floating effect is created.

Alphatex IQ paint 381 x 345 x 15 cm.

Blow-up detail of a curtain or wallpaper pattern. The ideal front to compensate the missing of a front garden. At the same time the outside wall-painting is a reference to the interiors of living rooms.

Photographic print on Abet laminate 381 x 345 x 15 cm.

The image on this painting is associated with security papers, shares, documents and paper-money. The number in the right upper corner is very symbolic with a double meaning. The purchase price for the house by delivery was 170.000 Euro. For the residents the number is an important date. February 17th. was the exact delivery date for the keys of the house. Thus the number 170206 has a symbolic value for the original inhabitants.

Photographic print on Abet laminate and transfer 381 x 345 x 15 cm.

The interior, the furniture and it's arrangement are together with the inhabitants, as if it was the painting, the image in this framed window. The residents are moving and acting like a continual story in this living picture. This tableau vivant is signed by me with a transfer on the right-hand corner of the glass.
Foto: Thea van den Heuvel / DAPh