Exhibited at several locations between 1998 and 2007
Final location: ArtKitchen, Amsterdam

mixed media (broken souvenirtiles, old & used wood, printed fruitchestwood, props, neonlight, incidentily with sound), 250 x 120 x 120 cm.

This little house is a symbolic image for sheltering and protection. Voluntary locking yourself up, unobserved freedom, an individual hideaway in the middle of a public space. The house is synonym to a shed, sentrybox, beach-, garden- or customhouse, lavatory, meditationcell or whatever. The exhibited situation is various, depending on the environment. Sometimes with sound, open or closed, with or without garden, in- or outside. But always with the neonword 'Gezellig'. A hard to translate Dutch word. Cosy is the best English translation but doesn't cover it all. And always with windows that are flickering, moving and lighted as an inviting fire on the hearth.

Location left:
Spatie, Apeldoorn

Locations right, top:
'Landschap vertelt', Oosterbeek
SBK, Arnhem
De Weijer, Boxmeer

Locations right, bottom:
'Open Stal', Oldeberkoop
Lux, Nijmegen
ArtKitchen, Amsterdam