Gas factory Ede, the Netherlands, 2005

Wood, acrylic-paint, sand, little boles 450 x 175 x 175 cm.

An object made at the occasion of a convention with 25 mayors from the province Gelderland. They signed a collective contract concerning agreements about gas-supplying and consuming. The commission was to mark a place on the terrain as a meeting point. On an open spot I have built an obelisk. Anchored in sand and painted in striking, fiery red, it was visible from all directions. Around the obelisk little flame objects are placed in a circle. They refer to a burner of a gas-stove. Four shapes of a wing are mounted on the base so that it seems that the object will rise up. On top is a big blow-pipe flame. It seems as if the obelisk will be launched like a rocket any moment.