Foundation Beleven, Park Presikhaaf, Arnhem

laminate, photographic prints, synthetics 150 x 150 x 300 cm.


The tree is not only the bearer or the rack for the object, but an indispensable part of the artwork. A little house is build around the trunk of the tree. The crown of the tree is rising up from the chimney like a surrealistic wreath of smoke. Images of fire are printed on the window glasses. It looks like if the house is burning inside. The house is a reference to the tree itself.
Sawed into planks and beams, a tree will have a second life as a floor, fence or furniture. The object seems to be built with demolition wood; waste material with a reference to firewood.
In this object the fire is not destroying but symbolic for warmth and energy. The image of the phoenix above the door is a reference mark for the cycle of life and death.
However, the used material is laminate, artificial imitation wood.
A reference to the location; the cultivated nature of a park.