2nd outdoor Triennial Gelderland Pleasure ground park Berg & Bos, Apeldoorn, the Netherlands

Mixed media various sizes


How natural is nature. Park Berg & Bos is a biotope, laid out and dug, and monkeys and banana-trees are part of the attractions.
I made a trail of scents crossing the park. In nature animals mark their territory with a smell. Smell as a boundary, warning or enticement. Mankind is using synthetic smells to camouflage natural smell. My scent-trail is related to another experience of smell; the memory. Smell as a not tangible or perceptible souvenir. Opening a drawer, the smell of laundry, all of a sudden a smell can bring us back to a long forgotten moment, place or person. On eight selected locations was a post and a sign.
On every sign a designed word related to a certain smell.
Little fans spread a subtle smell of the scents, or one could squeeze the perfume dispensers. It was my intention to fixate one or more locations into the memory of the visitors. In the future, without any apparent, a moment or a place from park Berg & Bos will force itself upon the mind of the visitor. Memory made by a scent.