CominesWarneton, Belgium

Bricks, wood, printed plates. 375 x 350 x 550 cm.

  Theme of Art/Terre 2004 was "Earth". All artists worked with bricks and clay. The local brickwork's sponsored this material. Starting point of my sculpture was earth, fire and heaven. A stairway rising out of the earth to the sky. As monument it is a homage to the brick. The natural material clay, cultivated to building bricks, is raising up from its origin: the Earth.
Since the beginning mankind is desirous to imagine spirituality. The sculpture is a timeless chapel or altar with references to pilgrimage and miracles. A place for veneration of the spirit and the heavenly. A sacral building as a shelter for a holy relic.
The bricks formed by fire are the materials for this sculpture with references to sacrificial ceremonies, religious services as well as mystic and heathen rituals.