Arnhem, the Netherlands

Ice, plywood, textile, and acrylic paints 175 x 475 x 475 cm.

  During the festival several artists worked with the material ice in very different ways. Frozen Flames was situated on a great square in the city-centre of Arnhem, in front of the big church.
The temporary installation consists of 24 ice-columns placed in a circle. Inside every piece of ice, a deep frozen flame was visible to the spectators. On top of the columns I mounted a transparent and flexible stick. On top of this stick was a little flame.
These coloured wooden flames waved gentle in a calm wind. Frozen Flames has many references with great contradictory.
The lumps of ice looked very strong and powerfully.
However, because of the melting process it was clear to the public that the installation was very temporary and fleeting. Although the installation was static and immovable, the little flames on top create a kind motion in the robust fortress.