Barger-Compascuum, the Netherlands 2003

peat, wood, photographic prints
350 x 475 x 350 cm.
  In the summer of 2003, 16 international artists worked in Barger-Compascuum on sculptures out of peat. The exhibition was opened by her majesty Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.
Fires they were called. The stacks of peat consisting of fresh and still wet, cut loaves of peat which were stacked and dried in anticipation of transport. These stacks of peat were, dependent on the area, different of construction and form. In the peat bog near the Veenpark I have built my own Fire. A stack of peat stacked like an altar. A sacrificial place made up of loaves of peat, 'bricks' meant for fuel. A sculpture not as an ethnologic or a folkloristic object of interest but as a monument, stripped of its clerical or religious context. Poverty, peat, fuel, fire, sacrifice, altar, wealth.
A multiform metaphor for the 'brown gold' and its history.