2003, The Netherlands

Art at the Table
Installation in cultural centre Lux, Nijmegen

Photographic prints on plywood maximum size 25 x 25 cm.

Each month cultural centre Lux invites an artist to transform the tables of the café
into art objects. I participated with displays. On each table I put two objects. Together they formed the english word ‘display’. It’s a dutch-english gimmick: the word ‘dis’ in dutch means ‘dish’.
The depiction of a plate with food, and one of a toy, are glued on plywood and sawed out.
Together they are the couple Dis(h) & Play.

On each object there was the line ‘Souvenir of Arts’ and they were numbered and signed. With this installation I wanted to deliberately tempt the visitor. Ashtrays, glasses and other objects in public spaces are often goal for souvenir hunters. My objects were small enough to hide in a shopping bag or tug under a coat.
After the exhibition was over, more than half of the objects had disappeared.
A souvenir of arts is a joy forever !